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An independent; Research | Insights | Intelligence | Analysis | Consultancy - Tel: UK 0330 123 1145 / +44122 375 0972 | USA 617 517 9749

MTC Marketing Research Solutions consults in research, insights, intelligence and analytics designed to aid clients' problems. 

We supply primary and secondary marketing research services to companies, for the making of informed and evidence-based business decisions to assist clients in addressing of significant issues, that potentially alienate things that can possibly go wrong and to diminish possible concerns by identifying risks and application of risk reduction concept to assist in preventing and controlling of churn rates.

Our job as marketing research professionals, is to eliminate obstacles and solve specific market problems for our clients with information for decision making on issues such as; "How to manage stakeholder perceptions," and or "Value creation for products and services that produce outcomes for the benefit of the users" to name a few. 

We provide a service that quality focused brands derive evidence from, for making of strategic decisions which guide their firms towards more business performance improvements. 

Our services are designed to offer possible total solution to client marketing or market problems and we provide information that is more pertinent to the matter at hand.

MTC Marketing Research Solutions Limited  brand started fifteen (15) years ago, as a full service research agency in Southern Africa. We have been working very hard to create a positive brand and avoid market resentment as a new entrant in the UK market.

"There are no right or wrong methods in research. There are only methods that are appropriate to your research question." 

Our practices relate to 4 different market research themes, namely;

Market Insights | Marketing Audits |

Marketing Intelligence | Mystery Shopping |

Our offer is research based consultancy including brain storming, idea generation, interpretations, recommendations, report writing and advice across a broad range of disciplines.

Our fundamental objective when designing client research project, is to offer flexibility and quality research output  that is more pertinent to the matter at hand by building surveys that specific to the individual client problem! 

Our sole focus is research insights rooted in reality, around the lens of customer problem.

Our experience spans from market assessment studies, Employee engagement, Concept and packaging tests, Brand health, Stakeholder perceptions, Customer satisfaction and retention studies, Consumer behaviour and attitudes towards brands, products and services.

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MTC Marketing Research Solutions Limited is registered in England and Wales, Audley End Business Centre, The Old Forge, Wenden's Ambo, Saffron Walden, CB11 4JLs.

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